Arduino PDF: Atmospheric Monitoring With Arduino

Arduino PDF: Atmospheric Monitoring With Arduino

Título del Libro: Atmospheric Monitoring With Arduino

Descripcion: Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the Environment

Número de Páginas (PDF): 89

Autor: Patrick Di Justo and Emily Gertz

Editorial: O'Reilly

Serie: Meker PRESS

ISBN: 978-1-449-33814-5

Idioma: Inglés

Formato de Archivo: PDF 

Tamaño del Archivo: 18 Mb


1/The World’s Shortest Electronics Primer
What Is Arduino?
Electronic Circuits and Components
Programming Arduino
First Sketch: Make an LED Blink
Install the IDE
Breadboard the Circuit
Write the Code
Things to Try
2/Gadget: Tropospheric Gas Detector
How Gas Sensors Work
Which Gases Can We Monitor?
How This Gadget Works
Build the Gadget
Load the Sketch
Displaying and Storing Your Data
Liquid Crystal Displays
Reading Data Off EEPROM
Reading Data from an SD Card
Things to Try
Other Sensors
Solar Powered
Do Not Deploy Your Gadget in Public Without Official Permission
Get Official Permission
Get Your Community Involved
3/A Brief Introduction to LEDs
What Is a Diode?
What Is a Light Emitting Diode?
How Are We Using LEDs in the LED Photometer?
4/Gadget: LED Sensitivity Tester
Mission: Inputtable
Build the Gadget
5/Gadget: LED Photometer
Build the Gadget
Load the Sketch
Calibrate the Gadget: Air Mass, Atmospheric Optical Thickness, and
Extraterrestrial Constant
Calculating Atmospheric Optical Thickness
Things to Try
Detecting “Ozone Holes”: Measuring the Ozone Layer
Add an Accelerometer
6/Using the LED Photometer
Atmospheric Aerosols
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
Water Vapor (WV)
Extracting Data from the LED Photometer
Graphing Data in a Spreadsheet
Sending Data to COSM
7/Doing Science: How to Learn More from Your Atmospheric Data
The Scientific Method
Steps in the Scientific Method
Observe Something in the World
Ask an Answerable Question
Formulate a Hypothesis
Compare the Predicted to Actual Results, Considering the Results
Ask Another Question

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