Libro Arduino PDF: Arduino Meets Linux

Libro Arduino PDF: Arduino Meets Linux

Título del Libro: Arduino Meets Linux

Número de Páginas (PDF): 362

Autor: Bob Hammel

Descripción: La Guía del Usuario para el Desarrollo de Arduino Yún

ISBN-10 (Print): 1-514-23022-4
ISBN-13 (Print): 978-1-514-23022-0
ISBN-13 (ePub): 978-1-329-19359-8

Idioma: Inglés

Formato de Archivo: PDF 

Tamaño del Archivo: 5.2 Mb


Getting Started
Features and connectors of the Arduino Yún • Connecting the Arduino Yún
to a network • Changing your password • Opening the advanced
configuration panel • Uploading sketches to the Arduino
Introducing OpenWRT and Linux
Connecting to the Arduino Yún and transferring files from another computer
• Using the command prompt • Editing text files with GNU nano • Writing
shell scripts • Installing Linux software • Resetting the operating system •
Backing up the Arduino Yún
Programming in Python
Running Python scripts on the Yún • Writing your own Python functions •
Working with classes and objects • Using packages and modules •
Reading and writing to files • Handling the errors in scripts
Using the Bridge Library
Storing data in the AR9331’s memory from the ATmega32u4 • Running
Linux commands and scripts • Working with files in the Linux file system •
Using the Mailbox and sending messages • Communicating over local
networks and the Internet
Hosting Websites and Services
Setting up a website on the Arduino Yún • Server-side scripting with CGI
and Python • Project 1 – Building a web-based temperature monitor •
Making web services and APIs • Project 2 – Controlling an LED matrix
through a web API
Project – Making an MP3 Jukebox
Connecting a parallel 16x2 LCD display to the Arduino Yún • Using a USB
audio interface • Playing MP3 files from Python scripts
Project  – Hosting a USB Game Controller

How USB devices communicate • Using PyUSB to communicate with a
USB device • Working with Microsoft Xbox 360®, Sony PlayStation®, and
PC game controllers
Project – Making a USB Accelerometer Mouse
Connecting to an accelerometer module • Using pin headers to fit a
ProtoShield to an Arduino Yún • Using the Mouse class to turn the Yún
into a USB mouse
Project – Making a Translating Keyboard
Hosting a USB keyboard • Using Temboo and Microsoft Translator •
Translating text from an Arduino sketch • Using the Keyboard class to turn
the Yún into a USB keyboard • Reading the position of a rotary switch
Project – Controlling your Arduino Projects with Voice Commands
Recording from a microphone • Translating speech to text with the AT&T
Speech API • Responding to voice commands • Translating text to speech
• Playing a .wav file

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